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Signage and Entrance Carvings

W&R signs give new meaning to 'carved in stone'!

Entrance to subdivision.
Smugglers Cove Entrance
Enhances business and environment.

Our stone and wood signs can be used for both business and personal use. In recent years, more and more people are concerned with the environment and now desire a more warm and natural look to the entrances of their homes and businesses.

Why would you use stone for your sign?

- Cost effective - never needs maintenance!
- Make your business look permanent and distinct.
- Unique - stand out from the crowd!
- Environmentally friendly - appealing!
- Lasts a lifetime.
- Can be used for generations

Why would you use wood?

- Personal preference and location of business.
- Make your corporate logo stand out.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Cost effective - Minimal maintenance.
- Make your entrance unique - different

We also do: Vinyl Signs, Vehicle Decaling, Snowmobile and Boat Numbers.

Sample Signs (please click on photos below for larger version)

Hawthorn HillsIndian Summer poem.Richmond Oaks Entrance Sign.
Stone Carvers stone.

For different wood and stone carvings, please visit our Ideas page.

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